Home Improvements that Help Gain the Most for your House – Part 1

home improvements that help gain the most for your home

As we approach warmer weather, many homeowners start to think about their summer improvement projects to spruce up their homes. Sometimes these are built around winter repairs and seasonal needs, but some projects are meant to prepare for sale or refinancing. Enhancement projects can take on a large scale and require investment, which we will discuss in our next blog. Today, we are tackling home improvement projects you can do yourself with the minimal financial investment that can add value to your curb appeal and the overall desirability of your home. Read ahead for our top four recommended projects to update your home and some bonus projects to boost your overall attractiveness.


If your walls are dirty, scratched, or outdated, this is your first step to a fresh new home. Start with a warm water wash of walls and use a brush on your baseboards. Use a wall repair kit to fill scratches and holes and give it ample time to dry. Choose a neutral colour paint that can tie together the different areas of your home and make your space look bigger. Don’t forget to touch up baseboards or moulding as well. It is often overlooked but can make a huge difference!

Take Care of Floors

Here you need to consider what can be repaired or restored. Depending on the age of your home, you may have hardwood that can use a freshening up. Scuff-sand them with a rented buffer from a home-improvement store and apply fresh stain for a brand-new feel. If you have carpet, you can always check to see if there is wood underneath. If not, renting a commercial carpet shampooer and using a high-quality product, especially in high traffic areas, can make a MASSIVE difference. For laminate, a good cleaning and using a laminate repair kit or repair markers can change the look of any damaged areas. 

Upgrade fixtures

If you have generic, builder fixtures, replacing them with newer ones can make your home look high-end. Hot tip–Check out the clearance sections of your home-improvement store where returns and open packages can save you money! Upgrades can be energy efficient which can also save you money over time. The first things people usually think about are lighting and faucets, but switch plates, outlet covers, towel bars, curtain rods, and doorknobs all add to the beauty of your house on a much smaller scale. It is possible to upgrade the appearance of some fixtures without spending a lot of money by using special paints. Remember to choose neutral styles and colours for an overall value that is longer lasting.

Improve your Window Treatments

Builder-grade verticals, aluminum horizontals, and paper shades are not adding value or appeal to your home. Shutters, drapes and wooden blinds will not only add appeal but can also add better privacy and efficiency as they are more effective in blocking sunlight in summer to keep your home cool. Neutral colours and styles will have a longer life and be a better selling point in your future.

Bonus Interior Projects

Installing crown moulding can be a very easy way to add character and value to your home. You can buy it pre-cut and painted, and then you just have to install it with a nail gun. Adding or upgrading ceiling fans can help circulate air to cut down on heating and cooling bills and add high-end appeal with a neutral look. Upgrading bathroom floors to a neutral vinyl plank or tile can add beauty and style, freshening up the whole space with just a small investment. Kitchen cabinets can be painted or stained with a timeless white or neutral colour on a small budget, which can also offer a large payoff. 

Exterior Improvements

Changing your front door by either replacing it, adding a glass insert or painting it can improve your entire front entrance. Another way to enhance your front entrance is to add a welcome mat or outdoor planter to make it more welcoming for guests. Using a power washer on your home’s exterior, walkways, driveway and patios or decks can update the appearance of your home for very little money. Lastly, adding some fresh greenery to your landscaping (neutral perennials are best) adds to your curb appeal and might encourage you to use your outdoor space more often.

There are so many benefits to upgrading your home, whether you plan to live there for a long time or sell it in the near future. Home improvements don’t have to be expensive or complicated to increase the overall attractiveness and comfort levels of your space. If you are looking to complete some home improvement projects before listing your house, reach out to The Blackwell Group. We can suggest the most important tasks to complete and the ones that will increase your property’s value the most. 

We look forward to working with you!

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